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ALF System Sdn. Bhd. (ALF) is born out of a long established relationship between the owners of Morris & Spottiswood Ltd. of Glasgow, Scotland and the founders of the company. ALF was incorporated on 10th December 1997 carrying a company registration number of 443550-U.

In the formation of the company, Morris & Spottiswood acts as the technology transferor whilst ALF is the  transferee of a fifty year history of excellence in laboratory furniture under the brand name of ASSABTM.  Some of the ASSABTM brand of laboratory furniture installed in United Kingdom are found at the following prestigious sites;


  • · St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School, London
  • · Glasgow Royal Infirmary
  • · Western Infirmary, Glasgow
  • · Southern General Hospital, Glasgow
  • · Edinburgh Royal Infirmary
  • · Blood Transfusion Services, Edinburgh
  • · Kings College University Hospital
  • · London Hospital Medical College
  • · University of Aberdeen – Marine Laboratory
  • · University of Oxford – Biochemistry & Diabetes Research Lab.

Since its introduction into Malaysia in 1995, various installations have been successfully carried out. A few example listed below;


  1. Malaysian Genome Institute
  2. Institute Of Medical Research
  3. Hospital Putrajaya
  4. Hospital Sultan Ismail
  5. Hospital Pusrawi
  6. Agrobio Universiti Putra Malaysia
  7. Caltex Oil Malaysia Limited
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